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this is just a test, really, it can be ignored [07 May 2004|02:30pm]
my background picture, heh

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Saturday [07 May 2004|02:26pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

My cat has identity problems

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Ok now. [28 Apr 2004|07:58pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Now that I have prettied my journal up, I will type a bit more. I already have one other livejournal, but I don't feel like disclosing it because then all those people I know there might decide to follow me, hehe. Not paranoid, just...meh, ok paranoid. I just needed another journal, so here it is. About me: My name is Rowan, and I live outside of Wellington, and yes I know thats in my bio. I won't be more specific. I am an artist, though not proffessionally, yet. I am about to graduate and go off to college. Yay, go me. I'm not sure exactly what I want to study, but I am relatively sure that it will involve something art-related. I have thought about studying architecture, interior design, fashion design, and something else that I can't remember. Either way, they are all somehow art related and so yea, I am an artist. In an ideal world, I would be able to live in a little stone house in the woods and somehow make a living doing art and making things. Unfortunately, that won't happen, so I have to go to college first. OK well I think I have said enough, I will type more interesting stuff another time.

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so.. [28 Apr 2004|05:39pm]
Well, hello. How is the world of LJ today? I don't have time at the moment to make a lengthy entry, but I will play more later. Farewell.

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